Submission Guidelines

  • Article submissions should be in English and between 4500 and 8000 words in length. Reviews should be in English and between 1000 and 1500 words in length
  • Please include a 250 word abstract with your article. This should set out the main argument and the contribution to scholarship.
  • All items should follow MLA style as far as possible, and footnotes/endnotes should be avoided where practical. Full details and advice on using the MLA style are available at:
  • The author’s name, email address and institutional affiliation should be included on a title page before the beginning of the article. IJAS Online uses a blind peer review process and author details are not passed on to reviewers.
  • IJAS Online is unable to accept submissions of work under review elsewhere.


Copyright of all articles published on IJAS Online is held jointly by the authors and the journal, and any reproduction of material published on this website requires the prior approval of the authors and editors of the journal.

Submitting a proposal for a special issue of IJAS Online

Proposals for special issues should include:

  • The working title of the proposed issue
  • The research questions that will inform the special issue, why they are important and why it is important they be addressed now
  • A clear statement of what the special issue’s contribution to knowledge will be
  • The names of the editors of the proposed issue, followed by a brief explanation of how their expertize fits with the proposal
  • A list of the names of the contributors, and a title and abstract for each article. This should include details of any introduction. Please also indicate the wordcount for each article.
  • Details of how the special issue editors plan to ensure all articles are peer reviewed
  • Details of the proposed timeline for delivery of the special issue to the journal for final consideration by the editors of IJAS Online

Submitting a proposal for a roundtable

Proposals for roundtables should include:

  • The name of the book, exhibition or event that will be the subject of the round table and an explanation of why it merits consideration in this way
  • A list of contributors and an indication of their relevant expertize
  • An indication of the length of each contribution to the roundtable
  • Details of the proposed timeline for delivery of the roundtable for consideration by the editors of IJAS Online