If you are interested in reviewing a book for the journal, or you are interested in reviewing a book that would be of interest to our readers but is not on the list below, please contact the Reviews Editor, Keira Williams.

The following books are currently available for review:

Abel, Sarah. Permanent Markers: Race, Ancestry, and the Body After the GenomeUniversity of North Carolina Press, 2022.

Adjetey, Wendell Nii Laryea. Cross-Border Cosmopolitans: The Making of a Pan-African North AmericaUniversity of North Carolina Press, 2022.

Amenta, Edwin and Neal Caren. Rough Draft of History: A Century of US Social Movements in the NewsPrinceton University Press, 2022.

Bailey, Beth. An Army Afire: How the U.S. Army Confronted Its Racial Crisis in the Vietnam Era. University of North Carolina Press, 2023.

Balmer, Randalll. Passion Plays: How Religion Shaped Sports in North AmericaUniversity of North Carolina Press, 2022.

Bay, Mia. Traveling Black: A Story of Race and ResistanceHarvard University Press, 2023.

Brady, Mary Pat. Scales of Captivity: Racial Capitalism and the Latinx Child. Duke University Press, 2022.

Brooks, Daphne A. Liner Notes for the Revolution: The Intellectual Life of Black Feminist SoundHarvard University Press, 2023.

Burgess, Jean and Nancy K. Baum. Twitter: A BiographyNew York University Press, 2022.

Calonne, David Stephen. The Beats in MexicoRutgers University Press, 2022.

Cline, David P. Twice Forgotten: African Americans and the Korean War, an Oral HistoryUniversity of North Carolina Press, 2022.

Curwood, Anastasia C. Shirley Chisholm: Champion of Black Feminist Power PoliticsUniversity of North Carolina Press, 2022.

Elmore, Bart. Country Capitalism: How Corporations from the American South Remade Our Economy and PlanetUniversity of North Carolina Press, 2023.

Fama, Katherine and Jorie Lagerwey, eds. Single Lives: Modern Women in Literature, Culture, and FilmRutgers University Press, 2022.

Farrell, Elaine and Leanne McCormick. Bad Bridget: Crime, Mayhem, and the Lives of Irish Emigrant WomenPenguin, 2023.

Giunta, Edvige and Mary Anne Trasciatti, eds. Talking to the Girls: Intimate and Political Essays on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory FireNew York University Press, 2022.

Goodman, Carly. Dreamland: America’s Immigration Lottery in the Age of RestrictionUniversity of North Carolina Press, 2023.

Green, Tara T. Love, Activism, and the Respectable Life of Alice Dunbar-NelsonBloomsbury, 2022.

Grego, Caroline. Hurricane Jim Crow: How the Great Sea Island Storm of 1893 Shaped the Lowcountry SouthUniversity of North Carolina Press, 2022.

Guarino, Mark. Country and Midwestern: Chicago in the History of Country Music and the Folk RevivalUniversity of Chicago Press, 2023.

Hassler-Forest, Dan. Janelle Monáe’s Queer Afrofuturism: Defying Every LabelRutgers University Press, 2022.

Hochman, Brian. The Listeners: A History of Wiretapping in the United StatesHarvard University Press, 2022.

Hubbart, Philip A. From Death Row to Freedom: The Struggle for Racial Justice in the Pitts-Lee CaseUniversity Press of Florida, 2023.

Hudson, Berkley. O.N. Pruitt’s Possum Town: Photographing Trouble and Resilience in the American SouthUniversity of North Carolina Press, 2022.

Hutchins, Zachary McLeod. Before Equiano: A Prehistory of the North American Slave NarrativeUniversity of North Carolina Press, 2022.

Jarrett, Gene Andrew. Paul Laurence Dunbar: The Life and Times of a Caged BirdPrinceton University Press, 2022.

Jarvis, Michael J. Isle of Devil, Isle of Saints: An Atlantic History of Bermuda, 1609-1684Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022.

Jortner, Adam. No Place for Saints: Mobs and Mormons in Jacksonian American. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022.

La Barca, Giuseppe. International Trade Under President Reagan: U.S. Trade Policy in the 1980sBloomsbury, 2023.

Lombardo, Paul A. Three Generations, No Imbeciles: Eugenics, the Supreme Court, and Buck v. BellJohns Hopkins University Press, 2022.

Maeda, Daryl Joji. Like Water: A Cultural History of Bruce LeeNew York University Press, 2022.

Mazzeno, Laurence W. and Sue Norton. Contemporary American Fiction in the European Classroom: Teaching and Texts. Palgrave, 2022.

Murphy, Bernice M. The California Gothic in Fiction and FilmEdinburgh University Press, 2022.

Neal, Mark Anthony. Black Ephemera: The Crisis and Challenge of the Musical ArchiveNew York University Press, 2022.

Olivarius, Kathryn. Necropolis: Disease, Power, and Capitalism in the Cotton KingdomHarvard University Press, 2022.

Pais, Christian O. The Strikers of Coachella: A Rank-and-File History of the UFW MovementUniversity of North Carolina Press, 2023.

Rosas, Gilberto. Unsettling: The El Paso Massacre, Resurgent White Nationalism, and the U.S.-Mexico BorderJohns Hopkins University Press, 2023.

Ross, Kelly. Slavery, Surveillance, and Genre in Antebellum United States LiteratureOxford University Press, 2023.

Rudra, Geetika. Here to Stay: Uncovering South Asian American History. Rutgers University Press, 2022.

Taft, Maggie. The Chieftain and the Chair: The Rise of Danish Design in Postwar AmericaUniversity of Chicago Press, 2023.

Tracy, Tony. White Cottage, White House: Irish American Masculinities in Classical Hollywood CinemaSUNY Press, 2023.

Williams, Chad L. The Wounded World: W.E.B. DuBois and the First World WarMacMillan, 2023.

Wosh, Peter J. and Patricia L. Schall. Murder on the Mountain: Crime, Passion, and Punishment in Gilded Age New JerseyRutgers University Press, 2022.